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Slick Sticks are the perfect functional guide-post enhancement for your boat trailer.  Made of high-strength epoxy, the Slick Stick is durable and moves your trailer lighting out of the water and into a position that makes it easier to load and unload your boat.  Slick Sticks – Style you can see for miles!


Ever have a strap come loose or see other straps laying in the road because they fell off?  Don’t fall victim to that!  ShockStraps have a built-in urethane shock absorber to make sure your equipment stays where you tie it down.  Whether you prefer a ratchet or cam strap, join the over 100,000 customers that have “Start Strapped and Stayed Strapped”.


Tired of spilling gas all over yourself and your equipment?  The SureCan is the only gas can with the spout on the bottom and a thumb control valve that allows for one-handed use to Feed Your Machines! Stop fighting with your current pain in the “gas” and switch to the Made in the USA SureCan!


USA made SnowStuds products offer top-quality traction products for your snowmobile. Trail Studs, Racing Studs, Runners, Backers, and Accessories ready to help you get a better grip however you ride! All that and the best prices available!



SnowStuds Snow Show Booth
Snow Studs

Fletcher Products Joining SnowStuds at Novi Snowmobile USA Show 2019

SnowStuds Products at the Novi, MI Snowmobile USA Show Fletcher Products joining SnowStuds at the Novi, MI Snowmobile USA Show...
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Tie Downs

ShockStrap Tie Downs Partners with Fletcher Products LLC in 2019

Unique ShockStrap Products Unique ShockStrap Products Will Be Available At www.fletcherproducts.com Wales, WI:  Today, Fletcher Products LLC, an e-commerce company...
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Fuel Cans
Gas Cans

SureCan Gas Cans Added To Fletcher Products LLC In 2019

Unique SureCan Gas Cans Unique SureCan Gas Cans Will Be Available At www.fletcherproducts.com Wales, WI:  Today, Fletcher Products LLC, an...
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